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Switching Roofs

Florida Roofer General Liability Insurance

Florida GL - Business Auto - Workers Comp

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Without General Liability coverage, your business is liable for defense costs, property damage, medical expenses, even reputational harm related to third-party claims.

Certain clients may require a specified amount of general liability coverage in order to work for them like associations and PUDs.

We've Got You Covered with Coverage You Need

As a Florida roofing contractor, you are relied upon by residents and other businesses for quality work, despite the storms or other dangerous events here in Florida that may reverse the work you have done. With all the coverage you can have there is no need to worry about employee injuries, transport to job sites, oversights on the job or other mishaps, in the roofing business and any potential legal fees in todays business climate.

Florida Roofing Contractor Program

AM Best-rated Carriers

Competitive Pricing 

Open to unique Risks

Pay in Installments

Automatic Endorsements

Nationally recognized for financial strength

In the Florida Roofing Insurance Market

One-person firms, new ventures, no prior coverage

No more 10% + premium financing requirements 

Additional insured and blanket waiver of subrogation

Let's Get you Covered
Now with a Solid Insurance Policy!

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